a shared love
of food

Wooden utensils with a unique and eco-friendly design to share that French loved of great food with others.

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a unique design

that respects

the environment.

Our designer kitchenware has been designed
to prepare or serve your culinary creations

Designed by C+B Lefebvre

“The idea is to offer you a kitchenware and tableware range that is aesthetic yet practical, built around values, well thought out and that draws on its past to embrace a future mindful of human and natural resources.”
Fabrice Guiet, Catherine Pitard and Yan Le Nevé

Working a material as noble as wood naturally comes with its challenges: all Le Régal products, chopping board, tasting board and tray, smörgåsbord, appetizer board, serving platter, catering tray, are made from solid wood.
Oak species are selected for their qualities and durability.
A scrupulous traceability also ensures that the entire wood chain is respected for each of our products.