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This tasting board in the shape of a wine bottle has been designed to allow you to enjoy a delicious glass of wine, thanks to its slot to place the glass and free up a hand to enjoy the nibbles. Now you can wine and dine in style. Each piece of the LE RÉGAL collection is stamped with its vintage, specifying the origin of the wood and its year of manufacture.

  • Pelle presentation board in French oak
  • Vintage: indicating the year of manufacture and the origin of the wood
  • Treated with grapeseed oil
  • Dimensions 30 x 15 x 1.5 cm
  • Weight 300g

In stock. Delivery in 3 days to 5 days.

”A shared loved of food…”

This wine glass holder board was designed in response to a personal experience. We’ve all been there, those stand-up cocktails and buffets when you don’t always master the art of juggling with the nibbles being offered to you while holding a glass in your hand… without running the risk of staining yourself with one while spilling the other all over you. Those sometimes perilous moments of hesitation, your eyes hungrily or thirstily feasting on two sources of pleasure that should be enjoyed together…

Thanks to the LE RÉGAL wine glass holder boards, you can relax: not only can you chat, drink, laugh and eat at the same time without risk of accident, but you can even do it in style! Sustainable Production

Le Régal has adopted a sustainable development strategy that respects the entire forest-wood chain.
By sourcing its raw materials locally, all Le Régal woods are selected with the greatest care, in line with rigorous criteria in terms of quality, traceability and sustainable management of the French forest.

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 1,5 cm

French oak, Macrame cotton rope made in France


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Designed to last, simply rinse our products with tepid water, supplemented, if necessary, by a little soap, then dry immediately. They are not suitable for use in dishwashers, for soaking and other uses that are excessively harsh. If you find that your product loses its smoothness over time, apply a very thin layer of grapeseed oil with a simple cloth.

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